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QiYi Warrior W – Budget 3 x 3 Speed cube

The QiYi Warrior W 3×3 speed cube

This is one of the best budget speed cubes out there and for a low price of just $5, this cube is hard to go past as far as budget speed cubes are concerned. The warrior w is a great cube for people with a moderate skill level or beginners that are looking for a cheap cube that will still perform.

Corner Cutting: 4/5

This cube is capable of almost 45 degree corner cutting when set up correctly without being so loose that popping becomes an issue.

Speed: 4/5

Out of the box it felt a little bit grindy but after lubing it and using it a lot, it really got smoother and easier to turn.

Cost: 5/5

You can find it at various places for approximately $8 AUD

Why not get it from here

Aesthetics: 4/5

It comes in both stickerless and stickered. Here at swiftcubing.com we think the colors of the stickerless are great.

Feel: 4/5

This cube has a unique feel in that it is pretty tight and is hard to pull apart yet it doesn’t lose it’s speed and smoothness. Another thing that sets this cube apart from the rest is that it has a matt finish, at first it felt a little bit weird but after a while of using it everyday, it starts to feel much better.

Lockups/Popping: 3/5

The warrior w is a pretty good cube all round but the thing that is the biggest let down is the amount of lockups and pops that you may experience if you use this cube especially if you are a relatively aggressive turner and need a cube that will allow for maximum turns per second.

Test Solves

Our test solver here at swiftcubing.com got

an average over 5 of 27.03s,
an average over 12 of 25.78s
a best of 18.45s!

The QiYi Warrior W was the test solvers main at the time of writing

Swiftcubing.com rating 4/5

Overall we recommend this cube for beginner to intermediate speed cubers because of all the reasons above and because it is cheap and affordable yet still offers high quality.

May your solves be swift!

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