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Yuxin Little Magic – Budget 3×3 Speed cube

Yuxin Little Magic – Budget 3×3 speed cube

The Yuxin Little Magic is a cheap, fast budget speed cube that is available in sticker and stickerless although both feel almost the same. Out of the box it is smooth, swift and does not feel like your average budget cube – it feels way better than it should be at it’s price point!

Corner Cutting: 4.5/5

This cube is capable of almost 55 degree corner cutting straight out of the box without being so loose that popping becomes an issue.

Speed: 4.5/5

Out of the box it felt smooth and fast although maybe a little bit too fast to the point where overshooting may happen quite a bit. It won’t need loosening out of the box but it might need tightening depending on your preferences.

Cost: 4/5

The cost of this cube is very affordable – though it doesn’t have magnets, so keep that in mind when considering the cost.

Why not buy it from

Aesthetics: 4/5

It comes in both stickerless and stickered. Here at swiftcubing.com we think the colors of the stickerless are great.

Feel: 4.5/5

It has a smooth, loose feel yet it doesn’t full apart in your hands but it still is speedy and really spins as fast as you need it to.

Lockups/Popping: 3.5/5

The Yuxin Little Magic is a pretty good cube all round but the thing that is the biggest let down is the amount of lockups and pops that you may experience if you use this cube especially if you are a relatively aggressive turner and need a cube that will allow for maximum turns per second.

Test Solves

Our test solver here at swiftcubing.com got

an average over 5 of 22.42s,
an average over 12 of 23.59s
a best of 14.63s!

The Yuxin Little Magic is the test solvers new main.

Swiftcubing.com rating 4.5/5

Overall we recommend this cube for beginner to intermediate speed cubers because of all the reasons above and because it is cheap and affordable yet still offers high quality.

Unfortunately it is not magnetized though but you can buy a professionally built magnetized version from speedcubeshop.com which would help with the overshooting alot. Link Below.

SpeedCubeShop.com – Cosmic Little Magic M

May your solves be swift!

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