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Gan 354 M – 3×3 Speedcube

The GAN 354 M is a very nice cube all round and offers high quality for a decent price as we expect from a GAN cube. This cube is a great cube for people who have some money in their pockets and are looking for a step up from a budget cube. It is a fast cube that is smaller than normal 54mm instead of a typical 56mm.

Corner Cutting: 4.5/5

This cube is capable of 55 degree corner cutting with a fairly easy snap even with yellow springs ( The tightest setting).

Speed: 4/5

The GAN 354 M is a very fast cube for people who like fast cubes however it has strong magnets which is suited for the speed it is. The speed of course is adjustable by the tension nuts that come with it.

Cost: 3/5

This cube is pretty good value for money because although it is over $62AUD you get fantastic performance as a result. You can find it at the following links for approximately $62AUD

Why not buy it at

Aesthetics: 5/5

It comes in stickerless, which is a great choice which we liek the most. It has the best shades that we have ever seen on a stickerless cube and is a little bit shiny.

Feel: 4/5

It has a great, smooth feel out of the box and is tensioned with green GES nuts which is the second tightest. It is fast and is 54mm (as the name suggests) The plastic the cube is made from also feels nice to the touch.

Lockups/Popping: 4.5/5

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4andhalfcube-1-1024x205.png

The Gan 354 M is a quite a loose cube and you may experience a little amount of lockups throughout your time with the cube as a result. This can be combated by setting it up with the yellow spring set (the tightest setting).

Test Solves

Please note that this cube is the writer’s current 3×3 main and also that their global average is 16.50 – 17.50s.

Our test solver here at swiftcubing.com got

an average over 5 of 16.27s
an average over 12 of 16.22s,
a best of 12.85s!

Swiftcubing.com rating 4.5/5

Overall, we recommend this cube for people who are intermediate or above and want a better cube to help them get better times and have put away their money to save for a high quality cube.

May your solves be swift!

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The Cuber
1 year ago

Agreed, this is one of the better ones out there.

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