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Gan 356 XS – 3×3 Speed Cube

Gan XS

The Gan 356 XS is Gan’s 2019 flagship 3×3 cube. This cube is one of the best 3x3s on the market. It is such a smooth, awesome cube that feels like it wants to be turned. It is such a great cube as you would expect from Gan and it also has a price tag to match. These are some of the reasons why this cube is such a fantastic cube and why you should get it.

Corner Cutting: 4.5/5

The Gan 356 XS is capable of almost 55 degrees corner-cutting with ease. The awesome thing thing about this cube’s corner-cutting is that it so smooth with the right tensions as the corner-cutting is not very snappy until the cube gets quite tight.

Speed: 4.5/5

This cube is a great speed as it is not overly fast and is quite controllable. A bit of lube can also help the cube get faster or slower as per personal preference.

Cost: 3/5

The Gan 356 XS is such an amazing cube all round but it is really expensive. Although you get amazing quality and value for money by purchasing this product, it is still $98 AUD. It is great value for money if you are an intermediate to advanced speed cuber and are okay with spending large amounts of money on the best speed cubes.

Buy the GAN XS from

Aesthetics: 5/5

This cube comes in stickerless or stickered which allows you to choose which ever one you want more. The stickerless cube has fantastic shades and also has a really nice matte finish although this is a bit slippery at the start but slowly becomes more glossy and grippy.

Feel: 5/5

It is so smooth!!!!!!! But that’s not all, it also has a matte finish which swiftcubing thinks is fantastic and it makes the cube feel awesome in your hands. It also just feels like it wants to be solved.

Lockups/Popping: 5/5

The Gan 356 XS is an awesome cube and it pretty much never pops and the lockup problem that you find on most other cubes is not much of a concern here.

Test Solves

Please note that their global average is 11.5 to 12.5s.

Our test solver here at swiftcubing.com got

an average over 5 of 11.81s
an average over 12 of 12.47s,
a best of 9.87s!

Swiftcubing.com rating 4.5/5

Overall, we recommend this cube for people who are intermediate or above and want a better cube to help them get better times and have put away their money to save for a high quality cube. It is probably main worthy for anyone who picks up this cube making it likely the best 3×3 cube on the market today. This cube can also be customised as it can change magnet strengths and change spring compression easily allowing it to suit almost everyone.

May your solves be swift!

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5 months ago

This will surely be my next cube to buy!

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