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Cleaning A Speed Cube

We will look at the cleaning of a QiYi Warrior W, which is a great cube but just like every cube, it gets muck stuck in it which slows it down and eventually effects performance.

Here is a step by step of how SwiftCubing.com cleaned our Warrior W.

Step 1:
The first step is to pull apart your cube, you can do this by loosening one face a lot and then start pulling and wiggling one of the edge pieces on that face and then you can start pulling apart the rest of the cube piece by piece.

Taking out the first piece.
Continue taking it apart layer by layer until completely apart.

Step 2:
When you have pulled it apart, it is time to fill a small bowl with clean alcohol or water and dish washing liquid, then put the pieces and the centre piece into the bowl and stir around for 5 – 10 minutes.

Don’t use water for the core of the cube! There is metal in there and given it spends a long time enclosed in the darkness, corrosion can become an issue.

Pieces of the warrior w speed cube sitting in a bowl full of warm water and dish washing liquid.
(Note: it is probably best not to include the core of the cube as we did for the above reasons. We made sure ours was well dry before putting it back together)

Step 3:
One by one use a cloth to finish off cleaning it off and leave them all to dry.

Finish cleaning off the remainder of the gunk off of the cube while helping dry it. You can also take apart each of the cube pieces rather than leaving them clipped together, it will help with making sure things are dry.

Step 4 :
Reassembling your cube will be the next step after the pieces are completely dry.

Reassemble from the bottom up.

Step 5:
It will feel a little bit different than prior to cleaning and you will need to lube it up again. But you will hopefully notice that a freshly cleaned cube is alot better performing than one that has been well used but not cleaned in a while.

Check out the review or buy the QiYi Warrior w here.

Swift solves ahead!

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